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Below, you can read more about which racket suits you and your game best. Unfortunately, we often see people playing with a completely wrong badminton racket compared to what they should be playing with. We understand that many rackets have attractive designs, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the right racket for you.

Therefore, we have tried to put together this guide so you can learn more about the factors to consider before finding your next or maybe first racket.

If the guide is not helpful enough, you are ALWAYS welcome to contact us! With our range of +45 racket models and more than 60 variants, along with our many years of experience, we will definitely find the right badminton racket for you!



All badminton rackets, regardless of brand, are produced with 3 weight distributions:


  • Headlight
  • Even balance
  • Head-heavy


The weight distribution in the racket is also what is called the racket's balance. This is where you decide whether you want a racket with power or a racket with fast swing speed. Of course, you can also "mix" both preferences, and then you will get an even balance racket.



If you are looking for a racket that can help add more power to your shots, you may consider looking at a badminton racket with a head-heavy weight distribution. With a head-heavy racket, you achieve the 'hammer effect' as the weight is at the top of the racket.



If you are, however, seeking more speed, a headlight racket might be the answer. Here, you compromise more on the power in the shots, but, in return, you can add much more speed to the racket swing itself. Therefore, many doubles players use headlight rackets, as they can engage in the fast, often flat play typical in doubles matches.



If you play both singles and doubles and want a combination of head-heavy and headlight weight distribution, then there is Even Balance. It means that the weight distribution is even and is, therefore, a compromise between head-heavy and headlight weight distribution.


Just like with weight distribution, there are also three versions of flexibility.


  • Flexible
  • Medium flexible
  • Stiff


The flexibility in the racket's shaft determines how much power or precision one desires in their racket. However, one should choose the racket's flexibility based on their level. Unfortunately, we see too many people playing with the wrong flexibility compared to their skill level.



If you are a beginner or relatively new to the sport, we always recommend a racket with a flexible shaft. This allows you to get more power in your shots and length/power in your strokes. It is much better to have added power in the shots than to place the balls precisely.



If you have been playing for several years and maybe participate in tournaments, then you should read more here! A racket with a medium flexible shaft is one of the most preferred choices and suits 70% of all players. Here, you get the flexible shaft, just a little stiffer, allowing you to better control the balls without compromising on power.



A stiff shaft contributes significantly to precision, and therefore, it is primarily advanced/elite players and top players who play and should play with a stiff racket shaft. The reason is that you don't get much "help" in the racket.




AXFORCE is a POWER series and one of the newest additions from Li-Ning.

The series is created with a focus on the head-heavy weight distribution and precision, making it suitable for the aggressive attacking player.

Additionally, one of the primary technologies behind the AXFORCE series is the thin racket shaft. The thin racket shaft and head-heavy weight distribution contribute to giving you the most optimal power and striking power in your racket!


Find all our Li-Ning AXFORCE rackets right here!


BLADEX is a SPEED series and also one of the newest series from Li-Ning.

The series resembles the AXFORCE series, but the difference lies in the weight distribution, as the BLADEX series has a headlight weight distribution.

Top players such as Alexandra Bøje, Kim Astrup, Mathias Christiansen, and many more international players have switched to the BLADEX series - and we can understand why!

The technology behind BLADEX is the combination of the thin racket shaft and a headlight weight distribution, contributing to giving you the fastest racket swing without compromising control of the ball.

If you are looking for a racket for fast and flat doubles play, then BLADEX is for you!


Find all our Li-Ning BLADEX rackets right here!


HALBERTEC is a CONTROL series and also the newest series from Li-Ning.

The series is created with a focus on an even balance weight distribution and a lot of control, making it suitable for 80% of all badminton players.

The secret behind HALBERTEC is the combination of flexibility and weight distribution, which provides perfect control of the ball.

We recommend HALBERTEC for 8 out of 10 badminton players! Are you the next one?


Find all our Li-Ning HALBERTEC rackets right here!


AERONAUT is a CONTROL series and one of the best-selling racket series from Li-Ning. The series is created with a focus on aerodynamics and sublime control.

The primary technology behind the AERONAUT series is the patented Air-stream technology. It consists of air channels placed at the bottom of the racket head frame, reducing air resistance by up to 6-8%! The combination of air-stream technology and other technologies in the series ensures a comfortable feel in your strokes.

Do you want to play with one of the most aerodynamic badminton rackets?


Find all our Li-Ning AERONAUT rackets right here!


TECTONIC is a series created with a focus on POWER and STEEPNESS.

This point is central to the series and is developed from distinctive frame technology called Tectonic Structure Racket Frame. This unique frame technology contributes to achieving steeper shots in your offensive play by strengthening a specific point in the racket head, resulting in extra steepness in the ball.

The racket in the series comes in multiple weight classes and stiffness levels.


Find all our Li-Ning TECTONIC rackets right here!


WINDSTORM is a series created exclusively with a focus on LIGHTWEIGHT and SPEED.

The vision of this series is to create some of the lightest rackets in the market without compromising the quality of the racket. The series is a classic from Li-Ning and sells several thousand units annually. This makes sense, as the target audience for lightweight rackets is enormous.

Find all our Li-Ning WINDSTORM rackets right here!


When you buy rackets online, you always have the option to add stringing to your new racket.

Our team of professional stringers from LN Stringing Team is ready to string your new racket according to your preferences regarding string and tension. So, if you want your new racket to be strung by the same team that strings rackets for Anders Skaarup, Kim Astrup, Alexandra Bøje, Mathias Christiansen, and many other sponsored players, remember to add stringing for ONLY 26,2 €!

We always strive to have your racket ready for dispatch within 24 hours on weekdays, as we are well aware of how important it is to get your new racket quickly! However, in busy periods, it may take up to 48 hours before your strung racket is dispatched from us.